Economist – Climate Change and Sustainable Investments – Hedge Fund

Job Details

One of the most successful multi asset Macro funds is currently looking to add an experienced Economist to their team to focus on Climate Change. You ill be working in a highly experienced group of economists and take a lead role in the Climate Change and Sustainable Investment initiative of the firm.

You will be expected to make immediate contributions to the firm’s understanding of the impact of climate change for both developing, and developed economies as well as global financial markets. You must therefore have excellent understanding of the direct effects of climate change as well as the likelihood and impact of potential policy responses.

• Perform analysis bridging climate science, government policies, economics and finance. Translating scientific predictions about physical systems into economic projections and implications for financial markets under various policy scenarios in collaboration with an existing team of macroeconomists and portfolio managers.
• Monitor global climate policy and related-technological changes and assess their ongoing economic and financial impact.
• Help prepare country economic growth and fiscal analysis conditioned on various climate change pathways in collaboration with the existing team.
• Help translate climate change impacts into immediately tradable ideas, such as, among others, carbon pricing and emission markets, energy and commodities markets, or equity and financial markets more generally.
• Research and produce outstanding thematic reports and analyst notes to educate and enhance the firm’s and its clients understanding on the economics of climate change.

In order to apply you must have:
 Advanced understanding of climate science.
 Working knowledge of the state of climate related policy debates and programmes at both a global and regional level.
 Knowledge of climate change-related adaptation strategies and mitigation technologies
 Impact of climate change on natural resources/endowments such as water and temperatures and their impact on, among others, crop yields, global agricultural patterns, agricultural commodities markets, and other economic activities.
 Consequences of climate change for energy markets such as for global carbon, energy and emissions markets, stranded assets, etc.
 Translating knowledge of climate change consequences into successful equity and/or credit investments.

The ideal candidate will have applied experience in performing climate change impact on economics in either the private sector, government or IFI.

Please note: this is an Economist role within a macro fund therefore all applicants must have formal economic training and experience, the role is not open to candidates from other industries.

This is a high profile position working within one of the most successful Macro funds of Recent years.
Global applications welcome
In order to apply please send your CV in WORD FORMAT to