Candidate Services


We work closely with our candidates to identify and prepare you for the right opportunities. We work on both contingent and retained searches in order to provide our clients with a full recruitment service.

As a contingent recruiter we are able to proactively approach an agreed list of industry contacts to whom your skill set and personal attributes would be considered an asset. We really do consider our consultants market experts. Having acquired many years’ worth of industry experience and contacts across the buy and sell side we will be able to make introductions in a confidential and discreet manner.

As a senior candidate surely I should only be considering retained approaches?

The common presumption is that contingency recruiters don’t work on senior level searches. This is not the case, the true difference is in how we are paid. For a Retained search we are generally paid a portion of the fee in advance whereas on a Contingent appointment we are are paid once a placement has been made. There is no general rule of thumb to which option a client should take even when hiring a senior candidate and in fact post financial crisis we have found that many clients prefer to only pay a fee once a candidate is placed, particularly for senior appointments.

What does this mean for you?

In short this means that we are able to present you with a large spectrum of opportunities. There is no right or wrong way of recruiting, whilst some clients prefer the clarity a retained search can provide, others may find that this approach is too time consuming and lacks flexibility.

For example, many hedge funds that we work with are often quite discreet and prefer us to approach the market sensitively and not reveal the name of the client until they have confirmed interest from a potential candidate.

Each of our consultants has a portfolio of clients they have built up throughout the years, having demonstrated their market knowledge and ability to deliver. Consultants have a functional and sector specialism which means that they are well known and respected in the Niche market in which they operate.

We really do consider ourselves a partner to our clients, understanding the differences and uniqueness with each one. It’s this understanding, in addition to the seriousness with which we manage these relationships which ensures that we work with every single client in a unique and distinctive way. Just as we aim to get to know you and provide honest and frank advice, we look to do the same with our clients.

Feedback has shown that clients favour our attention to detail, and the blend of our professional and personal approach.

Having partnered with firms for a number of years, we often assist with potential strategic changes, platform build outs and increased product offerings. Often the information we receive is highly confidential and not already known about through the grapevine. Candidates who are known to us tend to be considered as soon as these mandates come to fruition, putting them ahead of other potential applicants.

Reach out to us today –

Whilst you may see some of our roles advertised on major financial recruitment job boards, due to restrictions with some of our client contracts we don’t advertise all the roles that we are working on.

Many of our short-lists are compiled via our current network and database of candidates, plus active search methods. Therefore whilst you may not be able to find a role that appears suitable we would still advise that you bring your profile to our attention.

The simplest way to get started is to send a copy of your CV to the correct team. If you have not yet written a CV please send a synopsis of your experience and what areas you are interested in.

Please find addresses below:

To avoid wasting your time we will only meet with a candidate when we have established that there is genuine interest in an individual’s profile from a client.

We have a strict confidentiality policy enabling you to talk about your needs and any concerns you are experiencing. We will listen carefully to your ideals and long-term goals and provide you with honest feedback.

Whilst we are eager to place candidates in the right job as quickly as possible we will also advise if we believe that moving is not in your best interests perhaps due to timing, market conditions or other external factors. Reaching out to us does not necessarily mean that you need to start your job search right away we’re happy for you to speak to us to ensure you’re up-to-speed with the recruitment latest trends, and news in your sector.

In addition to helping you search for the move you want we will also in many cases offer you alternative suggestions which may help you reach your long term goals more quickly or effectively.

We know our clients and the market you work in well and will work closely with our candidates to identify and prepare you for the right opportunities.