We recruit Mid to Senior Level Finance professionals for a range of different clients including:

Hedge Funds
Sell Side Investment and Retail Banks
Proprietary Trading Houses
Brokerage Firms

Asset Management
Index Providers and Rating Agencies
Wealth Management
Family Offices
Fund of Funds


Our clients include top Buy and Sell Side Institutions, Consultancies and Public Sector. We have a vast network of candidates and academics from this field, particularly those with links into central Banks.

Our clients include top Buy and Sell Side Institutions, Consultancies and Public Sector. We have a vast network of candidates and academics from this field, particularly those with links into Central Banks.

  • Microeconomics
  • Macroeconomics (Country and Regional specialists)
  • Econometrics
  • Competition & Regulatory Economics
  • Financial Analysis & Modelling

Our clients vary from Sell side Banks, Brokers, Investment and Wealth Managers. We recruit Publishing, Client facing and Desk Based strategists.

Macro Research and Strategy

  • Foreign Exchange
  • Fixed Income
  • Credit
  • Equity
  • Asset allocation
  • Portfolio Strategy
  • Structured Products Research


  • Fundamental and Quantitative

Bottom up/Fundamental

  •  Sector specific and Event Driven Equity
  • High Yield/Investment Grade and Distressed Credit

Quantitative Research and Modelling

  • Equities, Fixed income, FX, Credit, Commodities
  • Index Research, construction and design
  • Derivatives Research
  • Signal Research
  • Linear Research/Optimisation
  • Multi-factor modelling
  • Style/Event research (Stock Selection research/Modelling)

Quantitative investment strategies (Client/Portfolio strategies)

  •  Investment Solutions/Active Strategies
  • Global Macro, CTA/Managed Futures
  • FX, Equities, Bonds, Futures
  • Momentum/Carry/Trend
  • Stock Selection

Our consultants have a track record of working with some of the most successful teams within Investment Banks, Hedge Fund, Prop Trading Firms and Brokerages.

  • Electronic Trading/Automated Market Making
  • Low-Medium Systematic Strategies
  • Trend Following, Rule Based and CTA
  • High Frequency, Statistical Arbitrage, Algorithmic/Black Box

Buy Side Investment Research and Fund Management

Our clients include top Hedge Funds, Asset Managers and Family Offices ranging from single strategy to global multi-strategy emerging and developed market funds. We recruit investment professionals from analysts to portfolio managers across all asset classes, specialties and markets. We partner with a range of clients from start-ups to multi-billion dollar funds, assisting on searches varying from individual hires to team moves launching new investment strategies.

Asset management

  • Fund management
  • Multi Asset, Bottom Up, Long Only, Macro and Quantitative, Passive and Active
  • Investment Research
  • Equity, Credit and Macro, Multi-Asset, Emerging or Developed Markets, Sector Specific or Generalist.
  • Quantitative Investment Research
  • Investment Solutions, Tactical Asset Allocation (GTAA), Stock Selection Research.
  • Portfolio/Performance Analysts
  • Hedge Fund Analysts (FoHF)

Hedge Funds/Alternative investments

  • Global Macro
  • Equity, Long/Short, Activist, Global Value and Event Driven
  • Credit, High Yield, Distressed/Special Sits
  • Structured Credit, ABS, MBS, RMBS, CMBS, CDS.
  • Foreign Exchange
  • Fixed Income/Relative Value
  • Emerging Markets
  • Quantitative Investment Strategies

Quantitative Portfolio Management

  • Quantitative Investment Managers (Equity, FX, Credit and Fixed Income)
  • Quantitative Analysis/Portfolio Optimisation/Portfolio Construction
  • Systematic Commodity Portfolio Management
  • Data Analysis/Portfolio Engineering
  • Algorithmic Client Strategies/Index Strategies
  • Quantitative Macro Process-Driven Trading Strategies

Data Science

Data Engineering, Machine Learning Engineers,

Data analytics, Alternative Data, Big Data, GIS, Social Networks.