We recruit Mid to Senior Level professionals for a range of different clients including:

Hedge Funds
Sell Side Investment and Retail Banks
Proprietary Trading Houses
Brokerage Firms
Not For profit & NGO’s
Government Agencies

Asset Management
Index Providers and Rating Agencies
Wealth Management
Family Offices
Fund of Funds
Public Sector Economic & Policy Firms

Our clients include top Buy and Sell Side Institutions, Consultancies and Public Sector. We have a vast network of candidates and academics from this field, particularly those with links into central Banks.

  • Microeconomics
  • Macroeconomics (Country and Regional specialists)
  • Econometrics
  • Competition & Regulatory Economics
  • Financial Analysis & Modelling

Our clients vary from Sell side Banks, Brokers, Investment and Wealth Managers. We recruit Publishing, Client facing and Desk Based strategists.

Macro Research and Strategy

  • Foreign Exchange
  • Fixed Income
  • Credit
  • Equity
  • Asset allocation
  • Portfolio Strategy
  • Structured Products Research


  • Fundamental and Quantitative

Bottom up/Fundamental

  •  Sector specific and Event Driven Equity
  • High Yield/Investment Grade and Distressed Credit

Quantitative Research and Modelling

  • Equities, Fixed income, FX, Credit, Commodities
  • Index Research, construction and design
  • Derivatives Research
  • Signal Research
  • Linear Research/Optimisation
  • Multi-factor modelling
  • Style/Event research (Stock Selection research/Modelling)

Quantitative investment strategies (Client/Portfolio strategies)

  •  Investment Solutions/Active Strategies
  • Global Macro, CTA/Managed Futures
  • FX, Equities, Bonds, Futures
  • Momentum/Carry/Trend
  • Stock Selection

We focus on mid-senior level appointments with bother public and private sector firms primarily within:

⁃ Political Risk

⁃ Antitrust & Competition

⁃ Country Assessments

⁃ Economic Impact, forecasting and other modelling

⁃ Financial Institution Regulation & Governance

⁃ Public Affairs & Government Relations

⁃ Public Policy Advisory

⁃ Regulatory & Policy Reform

⁃ Strategic Planning

⁃ Capital Markets

⁃ Transactional and country due diligence

⁃ Counter terrorism

⁃ Security intelligence

⁃ Security consultancy

⁃ Corporate development

Our consultants have a track record of working with some of the most successful teams within Investment Banks, Hedge Fund, Prop Trading Firms and Brokerages.

  • Electronic Trading/Automated Market Making
  • Low-Medium Systematic Strategies
  • Trend Following, Rule Based and CTA
  • High Frequency, Statistical Arbitrage, Algorithmic/Black Box

Buy Side Investment Research and Fund Management

Our clients include top Hedge Funds, Asset Managers and Family Offices ranging from single strategy to global multi-strategy emerging and developed market funds. We recruit investment professionals from analysts to portfolio managers across all asset classes, specialties and markets. We partner with a range of clients from start-ups to multi-billion dollar funds, assisting on searches varying from individual hires to team moves launching new investment strategies.

Asset management

  • Fund management
  • Multi Asset, Bottom Up, Long Only, Macro and Quantitative, Passive and Active
  • Investment Research
  • Equity, Credit and Macro, Multi-Asset, Emerging or Developed Markets, Sector Specific or Generalist.
  • Quantitative Investment Research
  • Investment Solutions, Tactical Asset Allocation (GTAA), Stock Selection Research.
  • Portfolio/Performance Analysts
  • Hedge Fund Analysts (FoHF)

Hedge Funds/Alternative investments

  • Global Macro
  • Equity, Long/Short, Activist, Global Value and Event Driven
  • Credit, High Yield, Distressed/Special Sits
  • Structured Credit, ABS, MBS, RMBS, CMBS, CDS.
  • Foreign Exchange
  • Fixed Income/Relative Value
  • Emerging Markets
  • Quantitative Investment Strategies

Quantitative Portfolio Management

  • Quantitative Investment Managers (Equity, FX, Credit and Fixed Income)
  • Quantitative Analysis/Portfolio Optimisation/Portfolio Construction
  • Systematic Commodity Portfolio Management
  • Data Analysis/Portfolio Engineering
  • Algorithmic Client Strategies/Index Strategies
  • Quantitative Macro Process-Driven Trading Strategies

Data Science

Data Engineering, Machine Learning Engineers,

Data analytics, Alternative Data, Big Data, GIS, Social Networks.